Help for the uninsured


Reduced-cost services, blood tests and prescription medications are available for the uninsured and under-insured.  Check what these providers offer.

For Blood Tests:


This online marketer offers discount prices through a relationship with the Summit County Medical Society.  Patients place orders and pay online, then have blood drawn at local laboratories that accept vouchers from PrePaid.

Pioneer Physicians Network

The Pioneer network offers reduced-price services at four drawsites in the Akron area. Payment is due at time of services.  Lab services are available at Columbia Woods Medical Group in Norton, Hearthstone Family Practice in Uniontown, Northeast Family Healthcare in Tallmadge, and the South Main Street Medical Center location in Portage Lakes/Green. Patients may call to schedule appointments for lab orders at any of these sites.  A draw fee of $5.00 will be charged. Click here for a fee schedule.

For Prescription Medication:

State and community agencies in Ohio have worked with American pharmaceutical companies to develop Rx for Ohio at This is where low-income, uninsured Ohioans can access brand-name medications for free or discounted prices. The website makes it very easy to find out if you or a loved one – or perhaps a patient – qualifies for such assistance. Once you are at the website, begin by clicking on the Patient, Caregiver or Prescriber button. Those who are eligible will need to complete an application process.

For Other Services:

Access to Care
Connects lower income, uninsured, working residents of Summit County to a regular source of health care. Access to Care is not health insurance; it is a program that connects enrollees with health care services volunteered by local health care providers.

This is a non-profit neighborhood-based, comprehensive ministry working in the community of South Akron.  Founded in 1968 through the cooperation of four churches in the surrounding area, OPEN M helps people of inner-city Akron address short-and long-term needs.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
CHIP is a state and federal partnership that targets uninsured children and pregnant women in families with incomes too high to qualify for most state Medicaid programs, but often too low to afford private coverage. Within federal guidelines, each state determines the design of its individual CHIP program, including eligibility parameters, benefit packages, payment levels for coverage, and administrative procedures. Mandatory, free-of-charge services include preventive care, immunizations and routine checkups.

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