Member Benefits

Benefits of Membership

  • DocBook MD—An application for the iPad, iPhone or Droid available exclusively to county society members. It will allow you to access any other SCMS member with 100% HIPAA compliancy. This is the only app which is 100% encrypted, making texting and transmitting any and all patient information possible under the HIPAA guidelines.
  • Legislation and PAC— Locally, we host legislative meetings to give members the opportunity to meet with the candidates to form their own opinions and discuss with their peers which candidates are most “medicine friendly.”*  Through our relationship with the Ohio State Medical Society (OSMA) we have a voice in Columbus by way of their lobbyists and PAC.  SCMS members may serve as Delegates at the OSMA Annual Meeting to represent our district and bring back news of what’s being done to protect and promote the practice of medicine.
  • Advocacy—When concerns arise from patients about care they’ve received from their doctor and if their doctor is a member of SCMS, we accept the information in written form from the patient, forward it to the Chairman of our Ethics Committee.  These issues can usually be resolved quickly and effectively, and usually without litigation.
  • Referrals—When patients call the Society office for a physician referral, only the names and information of SCMS members are given.
  • Discounts on Medical Malpractice Insurance—Contact our office for more information.
  • Health care delivery improvement—The Society works with providers and area agencies to improve services to Summit County residents.
  •—A special program to help patients with medical costs and low cost lab test for our patients.
  • Continuing Medical Education—In conjunction with NEOMED and other societies in our region,  we host CME events, free to members.
  • AccuMedical—Members can save up to 70% on med waste disposal; cost of the large box is $35 (max). Members may also receive complementary EPA and OSHA compliance and retraining and pharmaceutical waste collection and removal.*
  • ShredIt—Discounts on document shredding.
  • Physician’s Roster—Each year the Society produces a directory of doctors in Summit County; a $60 value, members receive a new copy annually.
  • Information Hub—The Society provides a platform  for members to exchange ideas, information, and concerns.
  • Conrad’s—Discounts and special pricing on auto maintenance for members.

*Non-controlled substances only


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