Medical Professionals

Active membership is available for any physician who has, at the time the physician applies for membership, a current limited, temporary, or unlimited certificate to practice medicine and surgery, or osteopathic medicine and surgery, issued by the Ohio State Medical Board, and who is of good moral and professional standing, and is a resident of, or conducts the major portion of his/her practice in Summit County or adjoining county.

Where it is professionally appropriate or more convenient for a member of this component society to attend the meetings of another component society in an adjoining county, the physician shall be eligible for membership in the society in the adjoining county.

Working with the Ohio State Medical Association, the Summit County Medical Society stays at the forefront of current and pending health care issues in Ohio. Every legislative session, the OSMA is actively engaged in more than 100 bills that impact health care delivery and how physicians practice medicine.

Membership dues are $150 annually, with discounts available for practices larger than three (3) physician members with 100% participation.

Download and print your SCMS Membership Application today to let the Summit County Medical Society work for you.

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