About Us

We serve our constituency from 908 East Waterloo Road (Click for map)  Suite B  Akron, OH 44306

The Dual Purpose of the Summit County Medical Society is to Serve:

  • Doctors and other Health Care Providers 

  • Patients and Caregivers

For Doctors and other Health Care Providers 

We help doctors and other health care professionals through education programs and member benefits that help contain costs while ultimately saving money for patients.  Membership in the Summit County Medical Society entitles you to:

  • Multi discounts on products and services. Learn more.
  • A collective voice on legislative initiatives that effect health care services and delivery.
  • Updates via email on urgent public health issues, scientific discoveries and new legislative initiatives of interest.
  • An annual member roster with contact information for your colleagues.
  • Participation in social events that help build relationships within your profession.

For Patients and Caregivers

Think of us as a connector.  Our mission is to connect you to providers and the places to go for help.   You might be amazed to find the very services you need, right here where you live.  Let’s say you’re a working parent with a sick child who can’t go to school.  Did you know Children’s Hospital of Akron has a sick-child day care that can give you peace of mind in such a situation?  Visit our community services page to learn more about services that can help you when you need help you can trust.

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